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Caring for Carpets and Flooring

Spillages are bound to happen at some time, especially on kitchen flooring. Often it’s easier to do more harm than good in trying to lift any marks. Modern carpets are more likely to remain stain free, but no flooring is totally stain proof.

Whether you have carpets, wooden flooring, laminate or vinyl flooring such as Karndean, the best flooring advice we offer is: dab with a plain clean cloth and tepid water.

If you decide to take action yourself, be sure that you don’t rub or spread the spillage. With carpets and rugs, it’s also really important to avoid distorting the pile.  

Everyday Flooring Care

Many of our customers ask us: “What’s the best way to keep my floors clean?”
Our best flooring advice is:
  • Vacuum regularly
  • Take outdoor shoes off when inside
  • Use barriers such as mats by external doors, especially during bad weather
Often, the safest way forward is to bring in a professional, who will take action against any stains without further damaging your flooring. Many of our customers use J-Clean or Five Star – reputable carpet cleaning companies based in Hitchin & Luton. Call us for further details.

Care Advice

Most modern floors are very easy to clean. Todays man-made stain resistant carpets are fantastic for repelling liquid spills; whereas the natural fibres of wool carpets can trap airborne particles until you vacuum.  

We advise contacting The Woolsafe Organisation for best care advice for your wool carpets. There is also useful, professional information available from the National Carpet Cleaners Association.

Hard flooring care products tend to be specific to the manufacturer. To find out more and discuss your flooring options, please visit our showroom in Shefford, Beds or call us on 01462 450780.